Apparel & Merchandise

Engine’s in-house apparel and merchandise team work with some of Australia’s leading sporting brands and organisations to provide onshore embellishment of apparel and merchandise.

Our team can manage the entire process from developing your online eComm’s store, sourcing product and embellishing with your unique branding.

Whether the runs be small or large we can handle this at our facility based in Melbourne.

If you have your product sourcing under control our local team can manage:

  • Receiving of your products
  • Work with your design team to produce high quality logos
  • Printing transfers and supplying to you for pressing or utilise our in-house pressing team
  • Barcoding and unique packaging
  • Delivery both local and international with tracking either in bulk or direct to door.

Impress Transfer

Engine’s Impress transfers technology allows us to eliminate all the challenges that have been experienced when manufacturing traditional vinyl transfers.

Vinyl Transfers

Slow print times

Print has to sit and de-gas adding a day to production times

Weeding is slow, labour intensive and limits design creativity

Limitations on fine lines and detail

Hard hand feel as the vinyl is transferred to the garment

Expensive due to the manual processes involved in manufacturing

A lot of waste is generated in the process with limited ability to recycle

Impress Transfers

Super quick print speeds which turns days of manufacturing into hours

Logos are ready to press straight off the production line

No Weeding

Almost endless design and creativity options

Amazing handfeel as only the ink is transferred to the garment

Competitive pricing against offshore options and other embellishing techniques

Water based inks and minimal waste reduces the overall environmental footprint

Minimal MOQ’s for ordering

Final output of the products

Impress Transfers – fine detail, no weeding, amazing hand feel, expert colour matching

Products getting printed

Innovative systems,
processes and
technology. We set
the standard.