Digital Automation

We are driven by data and digital automation. Our ability to deliver our services everyday rests on us being at the forefront of digital innovation and creating streamlined processes that speed up our service.

Our innovative team are continuously developing our digital integration and automation capabilities. As technology develops, so does our opportunity to improve our services for our customers.

We look at the digital integration process as a consumer journey. We outline places in the journey that need automation and work with our partners, suppliers and clients to develop systems that set the industry standard in fulfilment.

Our tagline is Data Driven Connections by offering our clients complete digital automation we are able to maximise their data.

Digital Pass & Vouchers

We offer an integrated digital pass and voucher service that enables you to deliver digital ticketing, vouchers direct to your customers/members.

Support for both Apple and Android wallets.

We will manage the process from pass design, data, bulk sending.

Phone in hand with the Digital Pass & Vouchers
Smooth Digital Communications
Digital Communications

We are able to support business with their personalised marketing activity. Engine can be a one stop shop for businesses that don’t have a large marketing department at their disposal, but still wish to create both physical and digital content relevant for their customers.

We have helped clients create an array of personalised local area marketing content and campaigns over the past 10 years. Combining this with the wider Engine service portfolio can have a huge impact for smaller businesses.

API Integrations

Our specialist team have developed a variety of API integrations designed to simplify your business operations and help you connect better to your customers and business operations. We seamlessly integrate with many of the biggest eCommerce and business operations software – such as Shopify, Salesforce, Netsuite and Big Commerce.

We also have API integration into the following systems:

  • XMPie uStore and uProduce
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Google API
  • SMS Central (SMS Gateway)
  • Mobivate (SMS Gateway)
  • SMTP2GO (Email Service)
  • Big Commerce (Order / fulfilment automation)
  • NetSuite (Order / fulfilment automation)
API Integrations
Datahub MIS System
Datahub MIS System

Engine is supported by the Datahub MIS System – a complete end-to-end workflow management system that provides job integrity for the duration of every job that enters our facility.

This system provides our customer experience team with real time tracking of your work as it progresses through the production floor.

It offers real time stock inventory, customised reporting, order picking and barcode scanning, and importantly integration into Australia Post Parcel API’s

A seamless system that enables us to simplify your complex jobs time and time again.

Data driven

People working in the factory